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SI True Crime returns with an all new story for Season 2: Lateral Damage. It
is the story of Mariet Ford, who tossed the most unlikely lateral in the most
unlikely play in college football history. In 1982, Cal scored the winning
touchdown on a last second, five-lateral bonanza against Stanford's team and
the entire marching band. It was a moment of pure joy. Which makes the coda to
it seem even darker. Fifteen years later, Mariet Ford was arrested for
murdering his family. Writer S.L Price first reported on the story in 1997,
but the story never ran. Now, twenty-two years later, Price is returning to
the case. Season 1 was Fall of a Titan: July 4, 2009. Former NFL quarterback
Steve McNair is found murdered in his Nashville condo. After just four days of
investigating it was ruled a murder-suicide. But what if it wasn’t? Over the
course of this nine-part series, we’ll guide you through the McNair case,
reviewing the findings and re-examining crucial details in a new light.
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