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This Podcast is created and curated by Deepak Jayaraman (an Executive Coach
and a Leadership Advisor). He lives in Mumbai and works with successful Senior
Executives by helping them play to their unique potential but with a sharp
focus on transitions (business or career). Just like businesses need to think
about "where to play" and "how to win", leaders need to be coherent about
"where to go" and "how to grow" in their journeys. Deepak works with them
during pivotal moments to help them with these two questions. To know more
click here ( . The conversations in
this podcast cover topics around Leadership, Transitions and Careers. Given
that time is scarce and that you might be interested in only some of the
segments of the podcast, the conversations have been broken down into nuggets
to facilitate easier consumption. This is also a learning journey that the
Podcast host Deepak Jayaraman is going through. At the end of each nugget he
shares his key takeaway(s) in the context of his experiences. For accessing
nuggets across speakers by a specific theme of interest, you might want to
visit the Curated Playlists ( section. If
you derive value from the podcast, please consider paying it forward
( to Antarang Foundation. Deepak is
an alumnus of IIT Madras, IIM Ahmedabad and London Business School. Prior to
Starting Transition Insight, he has been a Business Consultant at KPMG
Consulting in UK/India, Strategy Consultant with McKinsey & Co. in the US and
a Leadership Consultant (Executive Search, Board placements, Leadership
Development) at EgonZehnder. He is a certified CEO Coach. To subscribe to the
podcast newsletter, kindly click
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