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  1. Lunes a Viernes 06:00 a 10:00 hs.  from: 02/23/2018

Jiggy In the Morning wakes you up not only with freshly roasted coffee and sweet sounding music but also with prizes galore! If this adrenaline doesn’t give you the best rush ever, then we’re afraid nothing will!
Let the hottest hits and the coolest prizes energize you as Jiggy Jr spins the latest tracks from the modern top charts. Let Jiggy Jr, the energetic Mr Sunshine of the city, entertain and hit you up with good vibrations while you make your way to school or work every time the sun rises. You can also get a chance to win awesome prizes like gadgets, concert tickets and more! Waking up early in the morning couldn’t be any more worth it than that!
JiggyintheMorning is a manufacturer of smiles and a distributor of positivity; better than morning coffee or even breakfast! With JiggyJr onboard, everyone’s mornings will always be bright and happy, and the rest of the day will never go wrong. You’ll be glad you tuned in early in the morning. Jiggy in the Morning every Mondays to Fridays 6am to 10am. Only here at Y101, the Rhythm of the City - Always First.
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