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Radio: ICRT - International Community Radio Taipei

  1. Domingo 20:00 a 23:00 hs.  from: 01/09/2018
  2. Martes 00:00 a 03:00 hs.  from: 01/09/2018

JazzTrax Creator/ Producer/host Art Good first began working with what became the hugely popular Smooth Jazz Genre when he put the wildly popular Lites Out San Diego nightly program on KIFM Radio March 8, 1982. It was the creation of the now firmly established West Coast Smooth Jazz scene and established San Diego as the birthplace of Smooth Jazzdom. The JazzTrax weekly radio show has evolved as it has now well passed its 25 year mark. Each hour beginning with a long extended set of 5 straight great songs from the past. Classic Old from the JazzTrax Cave. Each Middle Set features what Art Good has forever been known for.....the Absolute Newest.....just released......or soon to be released. (Independent, 2 hours) Read more

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