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Jos Roozen grew up on a tulip farm near the Dutch city of Haarlem on Holland’s coast (as if you couldn’t tell by listening to him) and became a Horticulturalist. In addition to his vast knowledge of flowers, his expertise on the diagnosis of plant diseases and insects as well as their treatment is highly recognized in the industry. After moving to the States in 1970, Jos founded Roozen’s Nursery in Fort Washington, MD. Approximately ten years ago Jos branched out into the saltwater fish business, which has grown into the largest retail operation of it’s kind on the East Coast, with multiple shipments from around the world arriving daily.
Rick Fowler co-hosts GARDEN SENSE. Rick is a native Washingtonian and familiar voice on 630 WMAL. Before teaming with Jos, Rick was quoted as saying "If it weren't for crabgrass, I wouldn't have any grass at all." After several months of following Jos Roozen's guidance, Rick is no longer embarrassed about having guests over. Rick now says "if I can do it, anybody can do it... stick with Jos".
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